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Bombay Café La: Bringing The Taste Of India To La

Namaste! Welcome to Bombay Café LA. From now on, you do not have to travel all the way to India to get a taste of their best cuisines. We have brought the best of India right here in the City of Angels. We have imported India’s finest ingredients to be able to provide LA foodies with authentic Indian food.

Rich History

India is rich in history and culture which are manifested in their cuisines. They make sure of different herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, and meat to give their dishes that unique Indian flavor. It is no wonder then that Indian food is among the top cuisines in the world. The distinct aroma and taste of Indian dishes entice the senses for a promising gastronomic experience.

Among the all-time favorite Indian dishes are Biryani, Chicken Tikka Masala, Dum Aloo, Kofta, Naan Roti, Rajma, Samosa, Shahi Paneer, and Tandoori Chicken. You can find all these and more at Bombay Café LA. We have decided to stick true to the traditional food preparation and presentation to give our diners an authentic Indian dining experience. We believe that Indian food is best enjoyed in its original form. Our kitchen staff are very knowledgeable about Indian cuisine and have learned the traditional way of cooking Indian food. You can be sure that you will have a taste of the best of India at Bombay Café LA.

homeless man eating food

Enjoy a simple and casual dining experience at Bombay Café LA

We want you to have a delightful dining experience each time you visit us. We have used the freshest and finest ingredients to offer you authentic and tasty Indian dishes here in Los Angeles. We also have the best cocktails, beers, and wines to complement your favorite Indian dishes.

Bombay Café LA is a member of the Restaurants Against Hunger. It is an international campaign to combat hunger and malnutrition by helping provide nutritious foods to families who do not have sufficient means to provide all their members with healthy food on their dining tables. At Bombay Café LA, you are not just enjoying India’s finest cuisine. You are dining for a good and worthy cause. Your simple act of dining in our restaurant is already an action against hunger.

Come and visit us at the beautiful West Pico Boulevard

We are open daily from 11 am to 10 pm. Walk-ins are welcome. You may also book your reservation to guarantee reserved seats for you and your company. Bombay Café LA also delivers your favorite Indian food right at our doorstep. Call us now to avail of our free delivery services or get $5 off from your total bill.

Up to 100 persons

You may now hold your special events on our premises. Bombay Café LA can accommodate up to 100 persons. It is perfect for family gatherings, birthdays, reunions, reception, or corporate events. We also provide outdoor catering services.

Indian dishes

Enjoy your favorite Indian dishes and our full bar in your chosen venue even if it is right outside your garage doors in Oakland County. Come and visit us at Bombay Café LA and we promise to give you the best that India has to offer. Namaste!

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homeless man eating food


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