Use these secret cafe world techniques.

Cafe World, the Facebook sport, is becoming commonplace, as are FarmVille and Mafia Wars. In the cafe world, you have to build the biggest cafe. But it’s not that basic, as explained. Within this sport, it is also possible to add your friends as neighbours and earn coins and points by browsing your friend’s cafe. The following are some great tips, methods, and hints that help to get optimal cafe world coins, expertise factors, and buzz rating.


Before I reveal some tips and tricks, in your case, it is better to understand how your score functions in the cafe world. Your cafe world informs everything about your progress, such as how many coins you need to spend, the number currently in an expertise stage, and your cafe rating (BUZZ rating generally starts at five and goes up to 105). The rating method is quite simple. When the customer eats food in your cafe, you will earn coins and a +0.1 buzz rating. Once you cook or serve food, you will be introduced. The following are some detailed views about coins, knowledge level, and buzz classification.


In general, it’s similar in the cafe world, when we have to invest in stuff that you want cash in your pocket, but convert dollars into coins that act as cafe currency. You need coins to buy ornaments, furniture, and, in some cases, you can cook food. You can earn coins when a consumer eats food at your cafe.


These show how many knowledge points you have and what stage you are at. It is possible to get an encounter level as soon as you cook or serve food. With each new level you increase, you unlock new recipes, stoves, workers, ornaments, and other updates.

Buzz review

It shows how big your cafe is getting among consumers. With a higher buzz rating, you may have increased customer flow within your cafe. When the buyer has finished his food in your cafe, he gives you a rating of +0.1, and if a customer is not served by your waiters, he gives you a rating of-0.1.

Cooking and serving meals

Cooking meals may be the quickest way to earn money in the cafe world. There are tonnes of different recipes to cook, and they all get a different amount of coins to cook. Some get five minutes, and some even get two days to cook, and of course they give a different amount of coins after serving.