3 Cafe World Suggestions

Are you looking for hints of real quality at Cafe World? Well, here are three things you can use to make your cafe the very best.

Make sure your cafe has a great layout.

Most likely, the most underrated Cafe World hint I’ve given people is to set up your cafe with a good layout! Don’t waste all your money on decorations, as this means fewer tables and chairs for customers to sit at, and it’s the customers who make your money!

And if your staff has to walk far to serve a customer, the money will come in much slower.Try to set up your cafe in such a way that the staff can move quickly and easily. One way to do this is to think about fast food restaurants like Denny’s and base your layout on that.

2/Make a cooking schedule that you can work with.

You probably don’t play the game 24/7, right?! So make sure that the cooking schedule you set in Cafe World works with the real schedule you have to live by for the rest of your life. So if you know you’ll be away from work for 6–8 hours, set your cookers to cook items that take about 6–8 hours to cook so that when you get back, the meals will be ready to serve. Make sure to check back in before your food goes bad! This is an underutilised tip that can help your cafe skyrocket to the big leagues.

3) Join Facebook groups to meet a lot of new people.

Facebook is the perfect place to find new neighbors. The game is designed with social bookmarks in mind, so use this aspect of the game and you’ll be sorted. There are Facebook groups dedicated to finding new Cafe World neighbors! Just send them a friend request and let them know you want to be neighbors.

The great thing about neighbours is that they give you free food to serve, which is basically the same as giving you free cafe coins!